Turkey sliders

I do cook, sometimes. I was in a chef-like mood on this one particular evening and a bit nostalgic. There's a mom-and-pop restaurant in the town I grew up in that just so happens to be famous for sliders, amazing sliders. The Lemon Drop. I've recently been spoiled by my air fryer, so I decided to whip up a few in my baby


I haven't eaten beef in over 2 years so I used ground turkey. I mixed in some random favorite go-to seasonings. I patted out 6 3 ounce patties. In the slider tradition, I couldn't leave out the diced and grilled onion. I diced up some onion, put a little olive oil in my skillet, and cooked em right on up. I sent bae to the supermarket and he came back with Hawaiian rolls instead of slider buns. No biggie!! After cutting them in half I browned the buns to make em perfect!


I think the anticipation got to me and I forgot to take a pic of the sliders while cooking!! Trust me I cooked them, and honey were they good! What's one of your favorite "hometown" meal to cook?


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