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Travis Tennesse & Tacos

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

With no question, Travis Scott is one of my most favorite artists. However, I'm the only person I know who's a fan. My ride or die nieces mom and I headed down to Nashville to enjoy tacos, candy, and Travis Scott. Nashville is a short drive, so we hopped on the road one afternoon so I can enjoy.

Soon as we got into the city, we stopped at Mas Tacos Por Favor. I hadn't eaten any good tacos in a while and I needed a few. I ordered fish tacos, elote, and Avacado water. OH EM GEE!! I want to go back right now. My nieces were all over the place, however, when the food came out they were silent. Chicken tacos do it every time.

We hung out for a bit then I got dressed with the help of my nieces. They advised me to wear a dress instead of my jeans. The concert was amazing I felt like I was at an amusemnt park. He performed all my favorites Butterfly Effect, RIP Screw, goosebumps, Stargazing all of em. He rode a roller coaster and even brought a fan onstage. Check out my IG to see a few of the videos from the concert


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