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Float Like A Butterfly

One of my February plans was to attend the "Valentines Day Love Jam in Louisville. My Valentine and I loved the concert it transported me right back to the 90's. It road trip was intended to be short and sweet. Concert, late dinner then bed, wake up go home. The tourist in me had a tiny change of plans.


Louisville, Kentucky is famous for a lot of things, horses, baseball bats, Cassius Clay. "The Greatest", Muhammed Ali hails from Derby City. In the heart of downtown Louisville sits the Muhammed Ali center. Since I was visiting the city I had to check out the museum. Its was awesome. This museum showed the boxer from all angles, personal life and career. The activist, family man, humanitarian, and of course the boxer. The museum was filled with metals, articles of clothing, newspapers and magazines documenting major events during the times and during "The Champs" life.


I felt a sense of pride strolling the through the museum. I felt motivated to be better to do better. To knock some stuff out. Out of 61 fights he knocked out 37. 61 battles, 61 obstacles 61 goals. In those times simply being black could mean a death sentence. Imagine being as successful as Ali with an entire race looking to you for freedom. You'd most certainly earn and deserve the title "The Greatest".



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