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The Power of Fashion Brunch

In the past I used to get so hung up on who supported me and who didn’t. Never again. The town i grew up in isn’t huge. Everyone knows everyone. That said I still found myself sort of begging for support. Not monatary support,  a simple page like, a share, even a newsletter sign up. I found myself begging people to be the models for my shoots. Never in my life would I not jump at at the chance to take FREE pictures.

Yesterday I was a panelist at the Curvature Expos Power of Fashion Brunch. My very first panel discussion. I felt like I was on Teen Summit or something. I was an amazing experience. I learned a lot and mostly about myself. I felt so much love and support. I was overwhelmed actually. These people didn’t grow up with me they only “met” Lipstickzngunz. They didn’t know Tinita let alone TT, but they supported. They just liked me for me. I sat on this white couch on stage and looked out, they were listening to me. They wanted to hear my story. I wasn’t begging them or forcefully tagging them in post to make them see Lipstickzngunz. They actually wanted the skinny. Then the butterflies which had been in my stomach fluttered away.

The audience asked us so many things y’all. What fashion meant to me, of course I told em how my baby makes me feel. I love the way the army fatigue pants I wore made me proud to serve my country. Even though this country makes me nervous to take back roads at night.  How my fur stole (it was faux) made me feel like I was pay homage to the vintage beauties whose playboy costumes were made by designer ???? We don’t see pictures of them going viral.  Somebody had the question should you dress your age? I said giiiiirrrrllllaaa wear what you want!! Freedom of Speech right? However don’t protest. So thats what fashion. Ladies I admire got on stage and reminded us that yes boo boo its a struggle but the growth and the process must be trusted. I heard about Ms 28 Boutique way back when the boutique was in luggage on wheels. Now Im hearing about a break in that happened at her building. When I made the decision to stay true to me I thought I did the wrong thing? Did I need to follow trends? I thought I was doing this all wrong. Not according to the FlyWon

It was beautiful ladies all over the room. Everyone looked so gorgeous. I met so many people who actually asked if I would take a pic with them. Im thinking girl Im nobody. The event made me double back, like a reminder I why I started this blog and what she’s saved me from. We’ve been through it honey. This journey isn’t about who doesn’t see you but who does. Its always been that way!


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