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Summer Foundation Tips & Tricks

I’m a full coverage chic. Winter Spring Summer Fall. I can’t help it. I can but I don’t care. Summer time is the worst its so hot and sticky. With the weather reaching almost a million degrees some cuties just skip foundation all together. If you’re not that chic (me) don’t sweat it (no pun intended) I’ve put together some great summer foundation tips and tricks.

  • Make sure you’re using the right type of foundation. I’ve pretty oily skin so I used matte foundations. Right now one of my favorite matte foundations is Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation. Its medium coverage but I always just pump a little more and make it full coverage.  Dryer skin will benefit from more of a hydrating or dewy foundation. Tarte Water Foundation pretty much says water in the name. Thats definitely a suggestion if you need hydration.

  • Invest in a primer. A good primer is the first line of defense against hot mess makeup. Two of my favorites are Baby Skin by Maybelline & Smashbox Photo Finish. I also use an eyeshadow primer by Urban Decay.

  • Setting is ya sista. Setting powder and setting spray. Using a setting powder before foundation is also helpful. I’ve heard of people using actual cornstarch in replace of setting powder.

  • Blotting and using a toner before anything gets rid of access oil. No makeup is sweat proof. I also use Kat Von D Lock It Foundation at the beach because its water proof.

  • Aunite Jackie taught me this: When using a concealer to highlight let is sit for a few minutes. It’ll sorta set and it won’t be too much to blend. Also set your powder with a wet sponge.

  • Last tip! Use a liquid highlighter and mix with your foundation. Skip a step! There won’t be so much product to blend.

So now that you’ve some tips to make your summer makeup flawless, slay and enjoy the sun!!


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