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starting New Christmas traditions

Christmas isn't the same anymore. Honestly nothing is. Everything is so commercialized now a days. I saw Christmas décor go up the day before Halloween. The worst part is having to go back to work the next day! How gross! Covid 19 funky butt has really been like a dark cloudy over all our heads. Since Christmas is gonna be weird this year, its the perfect time to start your own family traditions. Just in case your too bummed out to come up with any here's a few of you to pick from!

Christmas Photo Booth

Get some Christmas props or make a giant picture frame! You could even put wrapping paper on the wall as a backdrop! Make you cutest most Christmasy faces and say cheese.

Christmas Breakfast or Brunch

Gather with a few family members for a nice afternoon brunch. Once everyone's gotten the eye boogers out and opened their gifts I'm sure they'll be ready to eat. Pick some of your breakfast and lunch favorites and laugh with your loved ones. Don't forget the mimosas

Mail Holiday Cards

My Ganna was big on sending cards. She'd send them on every family members birthday and holidays. Its sweet and so thoughtful. Get everyone you love address and send them a hug through the mail.

Feast Of Seven Fishes

Although its originally an Italian tradition, this is right up my alley. On Christmas Eve, gather your loved ones and munch on 7 different types of seafood. Put together a seafood pasta, a baked dish, even a fried dish. Make it your own. Doing research for this post I found several different reason this tradition was even born. One of the reason was a fast from meat while waiting on baby Jesus to arrive. I liked that one.

Hide The Pickle Ornament

You've probably never heard of this tradition, I think its originally German, Anyway, you get this sorta ugly pickle ornament. It looks exactly like a pickle spear. You hide it in the Christmas tree amongst the other lights and ornaments. The family member who finds the pickle is sad to have good luck for the next year.


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