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Sister Sister

Nationally its the day we celebrate our sisters. If you're my sister I celebrate you whenever you're in front of me. I've 3 sisters whom I share the same fathers. With each, I have a unique, beautiful friendship. Three separate best friends.

My youngest sister is Megan. Beautiful, opinionated and headstrong. We disagree but we love each other more. We hang out take selfies just like any other sister. The first memory I share with Megan is us going out for ice cream. If I remember correctly she wasted it. We never grew up together and got to know each other better once she was a teenager. A difficult time to share your dad. My sister is strong not just gorgeous. Distance is between us but its understood that we're one call away if needed.

Tiffany is my middle sister. My ying! I call her Theo sometimes d Tiffany and I didn't grow up together either, but we make up for it now. I think we speak every day. I tell her my secrets we party and watch documentaries together. Our lives reconnected as adults. We've grown so close and I love it. We finish each other sentences and share french fries. We have a favorite filter together. We share the same Zodiac sign so we mesh well. She knows my cell phone password to erased my group text in case I perish young. We got each other back.

In my mother's house, I was the only girl. Once my mother married I gained a sister. Danae. We grew up together. We slept together bathed together, got punished together. Danae and I have created a ton of memories, shared holidays, buried a parent. Through the years we created a bond that blood couldn't make us closer. We have never missed a beat.

I said from the beginning each relationship was unique. I make it know the importance of each one of them to me. I end each conversation with I love you. Our relationships deserve to be protected. Sisters are a gift that some people don't receive. They ride shotgun for you borrow your stuff and know you better than anyone else. My sisters are my best friends.


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