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Saving Money This Year(MONTH)

Saving money is important. Its hard work but it pays off. It can be tough to save money especially if you're me. I spend way too much money on stuff I don't need. Believe me when I tell you its hard. I really had to buckle down and get in line so I could actually save money. In this post, I wanna share the things that have actually helped me reach financial goals and have helped me save for well, "stuff".

  • Set goals- You have to know what you "why" is. Set a goal of how much you want save or what you want to save for. Your "why" will help you stick to it.

  • Make a budget - Make a list of incoming and outgoing monies. If you exactly what you have to spend on you make sure to put priorities first.

  • Unplug electricity- Your guest room doesn't need the TV plugged in unless you have a guest. Dial down on the thermostat and grab an extra blanket

  • Revisit subscriptions- Go through all your subscription, apps on your phone & smart tv. There were so many apps or tv programs I hadn't used that were coming out automatically. I think I save myself about $60 buck removing apps from my phone

  • Use cash- Whenever I got cash, I leave my card at home. When I have plastic I know that money is there so I do that thing where I spend money on nothing. Versus when I have the cash I only use what I have and will easily make it stretch.

  • Pay yourself first - When saving its important to pay yourself for. Meaning save for the ultimate goal. Whether it's buying a new car or saving for a new camera. Pay yourself first.

  • Money-saving apps- I went through a bunch of apps before I found one I loved. Digit. This money-saving app literally does it all. Every day once you link the app to your mobile banking it slowly takes anywhere from $.50 to $10 from your account towards your goals. It saves money for you. It even saves you from overdraft protection (which you should turn off, having the extra cushion is safe and all but its tempting also).

How do you save money? Have you tried any of the things suggested? I know they definitely helped me. What are some of your small financial goals?


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