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Sage n Such

So if you've ever been on the internet I know you know what sage is, you better! If you're on Instagram you've probably seen an ad to purchase your own. Before you get all swept up in the hoopla, lemme give you some sage basics. First & foremost, understand we must respect our ancestors for blessing us with this ritual. Natives believed that sage is one of the most important plants for ceremonies. It is believed that sage was just the thing to cleanse energy or the spirit as well as get rid of negative or unwanted energies. They also believed in using sage to ask the spirits for blessings, prosperity, and protection. Finally, they believed in burning with intention. Respect those who walked these Americas first and burn with intention.


There's more than just the classic White Sage, & I happen to have some cool bundles.

  • Yerba Santa Smudge Stick "Holy Herb"- The smudge stick when burned with intention will aid in spiritual courage, finding your innermost self & self-love & growth. It has a spirit-boosting uplifting scent. When you need or want to feel protected or are setting boundaries.

  • White Sage & Rosemary- Breath deep and clear your mind. Burn this to drive away nightmares, create emotional uplifting & just get rid of the bad vibes.

  • 7 Chakra Smudge Stick- This is my favorite. This stick one has colorful rose pedals are aligned with 7 chakras. Perfect for cleansing & aligning chakras. This beauty creates balance and harmony & is helpful for metaphysical alignment. She'll cleanse your space and provide most protection.

The choice to burn anything is yours. These are just a few of my favorites. The most important as I mentioned above is your intention. Be truthful and show gratitude when smudging. Make sure you have a smile on your face! What do you use when cleansing your space?


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