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Random Acts Of Kindness

Being nice is just in you, period. No matter how big bad ugly and cruel the world is there's still a nice bone in us all. Even if it's tiny. If you're the grinch, even today on National Kindness Day, you can muster up something. I know you've got it in you, dig deep! On today purposely be kind to everyone you make eye contact with. A simple smile could turn someones day around. If kindness isn't your strong suit and you're still stuck, worry not! Below are some random ways you can participate in National Kindness Day!

1. Leave a few quarters in the vending machine. How many times has your favorite snack in row F section 2 be only a nickel out of your grasp? Help out somebody's sweet tooth!

2. Do a chore for someone without them knowing. Today when you visit mom, brother or your sister be a sweetheart and run their garbage out.

3. Learn and remember someone's name. If Starbucks is apart of your routine, call Karen, Karen today instead of the "coffee chic"

4. Take donuts to work. Who doesn't like donuts?

5. Mail a card. My Ganna loved sending cards out. It's thoughtful and more personal than and email. Thinking Of You cards are always 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

6. Compliment 10 random passengers. You can easily remember to say "nice shirt" 10 times right?

Number 6 is my favorite, I love giving out compliments! What your favorite way to receive "kindness"? What did you do kind today?


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