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Powder Dish Memories

I lost my Ganna back in February. One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. It’s no escaping it. I can’t forget that she’s passed. When I do a tv commercial or smell reminds me. Food has lost its taste and the sun isn’t as bright anymore. Only a few things are the same. My memories are so much more important now than when I was actually living in those moments. Coping seems impossible. They give me all these options on how to get through it. I want to share some of the most special memories I made with her with you all. I’ve to cope somehow right.

We had sort of routine over my Ganna’s house. After out baths we’d line up and get oiled up lotioned up and powdered up. Then she’d dress us. It was like an assembly line. Our clothes would be laid out exactly how we were supposed to wear them on her white couch with the plastic. Its funny I think back at how her and my aunt Shanny molded Lipstickzngunz. My aunt Shanny would iron our “play clothes”.

My Ganna always, and I mean always had the fanciest trinkets. One of my many favorites was her powder dish. She had so many over the years. My favorite one was glass (lets call it crystal since were fancy) The lid had a gold dove that was used to open it. She had this giant pouf pad to put the powder on your body. She’d slap it on our neck, chest, stomach and bottom. I always ended up with powder in my mouth.

Today my powder dish is either on my vanity or bedside. I still have the same routine she taught me years ago. Same order. I’ve a few different puffs. Im currently using the last one she used. At first I could smell her and shower to shower.  I aspire to be many things including being as fancy as my Ganna.

My Ganna had this Estee Lauder powder dish since I was 5


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