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Pop Quiz:Which Type Of Fashionista Are You?

Theres a fashionista inside us all! Its important to understand which type of fashionita you are so you’ll know exactly how to slay! Answer these 5 quiz question and learn a little about yourself!

1.  You’ve got 24 hours and $2,000 to spend on shoes, you?

A.  Buy as many pair as you can on clearance, EVERYWHERE

B.  Splurge!

C.  Mix it up. Sneakers, Betsey Johnson even get your mom a few pair.

2.Your bestie calls you, she just won tickets to see Gucci Mane. You have to be ready in an hour. What do you wear?

A.  T-shirt, Levis, Nikes, you’re most definitely about to turn up!

B.  Your cutest body con dress and heels.

C.   Only Gucci you know is the designer.

3.Whats your “cold weather” uniform?

A. Sweats

b. Leggings, UGGS, oversized sweater C. Doesn’t matter you’ll be warm inside. 4.  Red Lipstickz? A.  NEVER! Your grand mommy says red is for “ladies of the night” B.  On special occasions, when you feeling yourself. C.   You have 6 different red lipstickz? 5.  Who Slays? A.  Beyonce B.  Rihanna C.  KIm K

Mostly As – Frugal Fashionista

You like to chill. You dress comfy and can totally slay from the clearance rack.

Mostly Bs – Bad & Bougie Fashionista

Fashion Killa You dabble with trends. You’ll wear whatever you want!

Mostly Cs- Glam Fashionista

Designer or nothing! You dress like someones taking picture … everyday.

Which Fashionista are you?


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