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OOTD; Stuff I’ve Never Slayed 1 of 3

I have more than enough things in my closet, yet Im always complaining of nothing to wear. I know right. Maybe its that theres nothing in my closet I want to wear? Either way, as Im going to clothes cleaning my closet my “never worn” pile is the tallest of the clothes mountains! So todays post is the first of a 3 maybe 4 part series, OOTD: Clothes I’ve Never Slayed. 

Todays look came from a clearance haul I posted about a while back like last year sometime. This sequins emerald dress with plunging neck line is freaking gorgeous! I packed it for my Vegas trip but forgot my tape! Yes I do tape my girls. After my trip I unpacked this beauty and she has been in the back of my closet ever since. Then my “reason” was I had no place dope enough to attend to wear this beauty. No time like the present right! I dusted this baby off and wore it not 1 but 2 ways!  Which look is your favorite?

My shoes were donated by Nee Nee Leeks, Blazer -Thrifted, Scarf- Donated by a client, dress- Charlotte Russe

Earrings-Thrifted, Shoes-Aldo


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