OOTD: Murder Weather Sports

I like to flex sometimes! I guess the kids would call it "drip". On this day I wanted to go for cocktails & also be super comfy and cute. I needed to feel relaxed while I got myself relaxed or whatever. When I looked at the T-shirt on the shelf I immediately wanted it. When I think Chicago, murder weather and sports come to mind first. Food too can't forget the food. My second thought, did I really wanna throw Chi-Town under the bus with the murder reference. I mean everyone knows how crazy it can get out there but there's so much more to my favorite city.

I was shopping in a dope store called Woldbait & B-Girls (trust me a post is coming) and asked a few questions about the shirt I was about to spend my bucks on. Turns out it's an original from Wholesome Zine! A dope ass brand out of Chicago! Wholesome is one of the dopest spots in Chicago for music. This creative clubhouse is the spot for rehearsals, studio rentals, podcasting, and bomb T shirts. So yep I bought it, especially since Wholesome donates 10% of sales and Wolfbait donates another to IGrowChicago. Get you one so we can dress alike here.

T-Shirt designed by Shecky Sez -Shecky Sez, 'Three impending facts of life in Chicago! If ya don't believe me, turn on the local news...'


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