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New Hair Who Dis: Redhead

I can never commit to a hair style. Braids, natural, wig, pink, blue. I'm wishy-washy when it comes to my hair. I had been on the hunt for a 613 bob wig. I finally found one and immediately didnt want to be that blonde. I started out with Rose Gold by KISS. I think that lasted a weekend. I messed it up somehow and ended up with jacked up roots. On a late night watching an old episode of Married With Children and finally settled on Ruby Red also by KISS. I watched some 45 tutorials on YouTube before I finally said whatever I’m trained. I set the wig up on my styrofoam head and just dyed it. Peep the pic below and check out the before, middle and after turned out! I think I’m loving the rest most. Which color is your fav? Which color would you have dyed?


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