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Neon Guts

I visited my big sister in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. You guys know I like to be a tourist right? I visited this really cool place, The Neon Museum. It is so pretty! It's like perfect lights illuminating a perfect path leading to my manifestations. No, but seriously it's so pretty and bright! It was founded 25years ago and features signs from the 1930s. With 24 fully operating signs and 17 restored, it's sorta like a graveyard for all the signs whose lights “burnt out" over the years. The strip has had some really cool signs. We strolled through the walkway striking plenty of poses. There are signs from movies we all recognize and love. If you're into nostalgia this is an awesome place to visit and snap some good memories. Pictured here are the Moulin Rouge sign, the first racially integrated casino to open in 1955. harry Belafonte performed here, The 32 story tower Stardust, you know the one that inspired the movie "Casino" and the Ugly Duckling Rent-a-Car sign that's been here since the 1990s. Go over to my IG to see the rest of the pics from my tour!! Follow me while you're there!!

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