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Memphis in may

I'm late, real late. Better late then never though right? This past May I went to one of the BOMB festivals during the memphis in may celebration. It was so much fun. Memphis is so fun, sketch but still fun none the less. Seemed like I was hungry soon as I got into Memphis so I stopped for some amazing Turkey BBQ from local favorite A&R, along with fried pickles.

I caught the first concert on Saturday night. I jammed my butt off to Charlie Wilson & Big Boi. Ate Elote and BBQ chicken. Then the rain came. I came to see Cardi. So right then I prayed this was the only rain for the weekend.

Sunday after doing a little sight seeing, I grabbed lunch at One of the best turkey burgers I’d even eaten seriously. Once at the park, i mingled with strangers, shook my head at the crazy concert goers and patiently waited for Cardi B

6lack hit the stage before Cardi B and sounded amazingly like he does on the radio! I felt like my headphones were in. Once the queen strutted onto stage all bets were off! Such a great performer! She’s so much like she is on Instagram & TV. So ratche!! So raw!! I was a fan before but seeing her in person was like a new level of fandom!! Memphis in May featuring Cardi B was an amazing festival!


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