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#MCM, The Perfect Gift Guide For Your Guy

Gift giving is always so hard. You never know if you’ve gotten the person on your list exactly what they want. Usually my mom and man are the hardest to shop for. In a way I feel like I’m the perfect gift and they already have me. Just in case there’s a guy on your gift giving list, check out this handy-dandy fool-proof Lipstickzngunz Gift Guide.

  • A classic button down, keep your man crispy ladies

  • Vans, or any shoe keep it casual and you’ll be fine

  • A game controller will keep him busy and out of your hair for hour. Of course he need to have the game system already.

  • Cant go wrong with a nice wallet, plus you’ll know exactly where to find his money.

  • He can’t have to many pair of dope jeans right?

  • When bae is have a bad hair day, he’ll appreciate a hat

  • Grooming kits should be apart of every mans essentials I mean if you like the #beardgang

  • Smelling good is rule 1 to any man get him some amazing cologne.

  • Cufflinks make your man feel like a grown ass man

  • Beats by Dre are super cute when he’s tuning you out in Sephora


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