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manifest vs to-do

Have you heard about the Power of Manifestation? What about the Law Of Attraction? I know you've heard of "work hard & make it happen" There isn't a right or wrong answer to either question, it's like either you do or you don't? It's sorta about how your belief system is set up. Until recently & I'll be honest, my own belief system was and has been wack as hell. I can be honest right? That's honesty. Our beliefs are pretty much-ingrained stories that we've been taught for as far back as you can remember! Do you know I've never worn red nails until 2020 because of a "belief" I'd be taught since a 5-year-old? Once you change up your belief system, you'd be amazed at the thing you'll open yourself up to.


This post isn't about changing your beliefs, that one might come later. This post is about one f the things I've personally done to change the way my life is set up. This change & changing my belief system went hand in hand. I've always believed in creating a "To-Do List". Once you make a to-do list, things get done right? Wrong!! How many times has your list grown before you've even checked off 1 through 5? Yeah, it has happened to me too. Well, not so much anymore, since I've changed my "To-Do List" to "Manifest List" Even the wording is more pleasant.


A manifest list is made with clear obvious intentions, it's written on paper, not an app. When it's written on paper it's real, sorta old school but real. They are precise and detailed. I start my list with gratitude. The Universe/ The Most High is listening. Don't just write "I am attracting a new car" Be specific! What year? Make? Model? What do you want from this abundant universe?


Life supports that which supports life. I heard Katherin Zinkina say that on a podcast. I immediately believed her. It's the truth. That said manifestation isn't a blink of the eye kinda magic thing. You don't go to the gym & come out with muscles. You still have work to do as well. Don't forget your part. Keep your vibrations high, repeat your affirmations. Revisit your list, update add, or make changes to it. Remember to focus on what you want to receive.


Get excited about your goals, dreams & desires right now!! Speak them into existence! Write them down! Believe they are real and that above all your deserving. What are you manifesting from the universe this year? This month? Train your brain to expect everything you deserve & you deserve it all!!

What rituals or routines do you use when manifesting?


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