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Life Changing Changes

I knew I wanted to lose weight. I wanted my nudes to look better. I'll be honest better nudes was the original motivation. On this journey at some point I realized I needed to make a few more lifestyle changes in order to transform the inside & out. Its been a lot of hard work, here's a few of the changes I've made.

Red Meat

I completely cut all red meat and pork for my diet. I like to consider myself a pescatarian who sneaks turkey sometimes. I've hopes to be fully vegan in 12 months. I noticed right away I stopped feeling sleepy , tired and "heavy" after eating. Not to mention the several health issues I cut the risk of catching by half.


I started doing yoga. After working out my body would be so sore and tight. Yoga felt so good. It opened me up. My breathing strength and even my mood improved. I slept better and you actually burn a bunch of calories doing yoga. I make yoga apart of my routine. There's some days I'm dead tired, but I'm doing me some yoga.

To Do List

Either before bed, or before my morning alarm goes off I make out a to do list. To do list help me stay organized and focused. This post is on a to do list some where. At the top of the list near the date I write in what I am grateful for. This has become on of my favorite parts of the day. Writing what I'm grateful for helps me carry gratitude with me throughout the day

Actually Practicing Self Care - DND

So there are a few things could list here as far as "self care" goes. On this journey I've learned to take much better care of myself. One of the simplest forms of self care for me is DND. The Do Not Disturb feature on my iPhone. For at least an hour (at the least) I use it and shut the entire world out. Me time is priceless however extremely valuable.


Instead of listening to music for my 10 hour shifts, I've turned on Podcast. Motivational, business, informational you name it I listen. I love love love music , I mean just last night a DJ saved my life! There's nothing wrong with Meg, but sometimes my vibrations need to be higher. On those days I'm rocking with Eric Thomas.


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