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Lash lift

Working for yourself is everyones ultimate "freedom". Making your mark on the world in the form of your own business is an amazing accomplishment. I needed that freedom and I've always known that. Adding a product to my already existing brand was a no brainer. Choosing the product to start with wasn't difficult. I love wearing eyelashes. I love the look they give me and the fact it takes only about 5 minutes to apply them. Mink Eyelash Strips seems like the perfect starting point for my brand expansion.

Lash Pleeze, the Luxury Mink Eyelash boutique, was obviously created under the Lipstickzngunz Brand umbrella. Lash Pleeze offers 100% handmade and vegan friendly eyelash strips. Every lash in the catalog is wearable up to 25 times. You can read that in the description. The description will also boast of all the several styles in stock. Open forever online only, Lash Pleeze even provides a code to waive shipping for our local customers. Our most luxurious collection of lashes pairs with our nifty "Normal Girl" lash applicators.

Every aspect of Lash Pleeze was on purpose. Thats not in the description. The names of each style, to the color of each box. I meant for everything to be personal. I wanted to reflect as I try to with Lipstickz'n Gunz, who I am with Lash Pleeze. Our lashes are affordable because I'm all for beauty with a budget and as cruelty-free as my best friend Jess. Our Heavenly Collection, pays homage to those well, in heaven who I strive to make proud.

I have to give my readers and customers what they deserve. Quality. Professionalism. I want you to come to this space on the internet and know this is where you belong and that you're welcome. This spot was made for you. Shop Lashes. Learn something. Find a new place to shop. Theres something here for everyone. Especially you. Hey boo welcome. Stay awhile.


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