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King Tut

September 30 was National Puppy Mill Survivor Day. King Tut is my survivor. He can't speak so I decided to tell my pup's story. Honestly, before me, his story was filled with trauma. It's a big ugly story. So ugly it made the news. He's a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. From the beginning, he was born for a purpose well a job. Reproduce. So reproduce he did. After the breeders were finished they dropped my sweet boy a hoarder home. 20-30 dogs to a room, fighting for food, water the basics.

I adopted Ralph on March 19th, and both our lives changed forever. I got him for the "Pet Boutique" in Zionsville, In. When I read the name I knew he was for me. He was and is still sometimes super shy, anxious, and timid. He had times, in the beginning, he wouldn't eat. I quickly learned he just wouldn't eat in front of me. I can only imagine what he's gone through. Hiding food to eat when no one is around. Not even treats.

It's been 7 months since I got my pupson. He barked for the first time 3 days ago. He wears a collar and on occasion he lets me love on him. He's taken a plane ride gotten a few haircuts and swam in the family pool. Some days he'll pig out on human food and his favorite treats "Greenies"

I always think about how hard I wanna kick the previous owner in the junk if I even found em. I could never understand how you can be so cruel to a 7-pound puppy who can't hurt you. Instead of a manhunt I've just channeled that into loving energy and give every ounce to Samuel Shakur "King Tut" Jackson (don't need yall knowing my baby government) The survivor a soon to be a thriver.


Find me on Instagram here and peep the pups lifestyle of leisure pools and city boy life.


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