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Journal Entry #1

I try my hardest to mingle. I want to go to events but never do. Deep down I’m shy. Weird right? I met a bomb lash slayer in the small Indianapolis friendly black girl circle. Her names Erika but I saved her contact as Mz Luminary in my phone. She’s important to me in that I look up to and admire her. Shes on of those dope as heck people you meet on social media but never in person. I’ve legit watched her and her business go and grow through some changes. That’s apart of everyone’s story.  I joined her Journaling Facebook Group and wanted to share one of the writing prompts. Lipsstickzngunz started as journal and became one of the best things in my life.

  1. What keeps you up at night?

Nothing. I used to worry. 10pm would turn into 6am too fast. I gave all that up. If I’m up late and not working on a blog post its Netflix not worry that keeping me up.

2. Tomorrow will be better because today I learned?

I work with elementary kids and I learned some bad kids are my neighbors. I’m gonna threaten them with this information.

3. Advise I’d give to my younger self?

I’m not gonna answer this yet. I’ve been working on this type of blog post.

4. Something I’d love to learn?

How to braid my own hair. I know my mom gets tired of my nappy hair.

5. What can I do better to take care of myself?

Drink more water. I’m really trying this. Someone gave me a Pepsi and I have it away. Progress.

So here’s my first writing prompt/journal entry. Do you journal? Is journaling a stress reliever for you? Whats something you’d love to learn?


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