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January goals, plans & to Do's

In order to be successful, one must plan. No way around it. By mapping out goals plans & to do's they become real, they aren't just a thought anymore. I write down every goal plan, list, to do, idea almost everything. Check out some of my list for January. Start the year off right with a goal, smash it, be successful then repeat. This list is just a portion of my January! Whats some of your January goals? Plans? How do you keep organized and on top of your goal?

January Goals

  • Repaint microwave cart yellow

  • Hang pineapple picture

  • Post 2-3 times weekly

  • Create and send, short brief email campaign

  • Gain 50 followers

  • Clean and organize bedroom closet



  • Girls Trip to Nashville

  • Go live on FB and do a "No Makeup Makeup" look

  • Put together new lash collection


To Do's

  • Hang "Wonderful World" decal

  • Schedule cousin photoshoot

  • Print pics from CVS


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