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Need A Social Media Detox? Here’s How

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

How many times have you checked your phone even if you didn't get a notification? I know I've don't it too. Our phones are like an extension of our hand. I see the "You Have The Same 24 Hours As Beyoncé coffee mug all the time. I've posted it before. Its 1000% true. We waste so many of those hours head buried in a phone. Can you go a day with out your phone 67% of people can't. Every now and again it healthy and recommended you take a mini detox from your timelines.

OMG why would I get off Facebook? 

Think for a second how much time you spend on going back and for between apps. Imagine an awkward family gathering, perfect for repeated scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. And repeat

Before you know it you'll be comparing your life to everyone in your feed. Mind you people post what the they want you to see on social media. Sure we'll post the concert but not the struggle. Social media accounts are merely highlight reals.

You have so much other real life things you could be doing! Cleaning out the garage, that one DIY project all on my own to-do list.

The long and short of it is, there's no such thing as a life better than yours ( stole that from J Cole) We truly can experience that if were out life that life and not Facebooking through life.

So you have reason, here's how to do it! Deactivate your social media accounts and delete the apps! Don't log back in for 30 days. Simple right? ' the only real way to "Detox". I realize cold turkey is tough so take these gradual steps to detox and save your thumbs.


1. People feel like if they don't post the new shoes, fancy meal it didn't happen. Thats so not the case. Who are we trying to prove anything to anyway?

2. Don't immediately check your news feed as soon as you open your eyes. First be thankful, then wait an hour before logging in to anything. Shut down all lurking and hour before bedtime.

3. Actually visit spend time with your family and friends. A tag in a picture of hitting love is nothing compared to real communication.

4. `Clean up your news feed. The negativity on your timeline is exhausting in its self.

5. Set limits around when you use social media ... maybe only after 9pm?

6. You can't honestly say you need FB, IG, Snapchat on every device you own. The convenience of having access to everything all the time can become addictive.

7. Subscribe to your favorite websites newsletter  so you can get the scoop when you check your email. Subscribe to the LipstickznGunz newsletter here.

After you've taken a break you'll come back rejuvenated more focused, with a clear head. Relationships with your loved once can even improve. You'll find yourself doing exactly the things you really wanna do. You'll be living.


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