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How to Shop Vintage like a Pro

So you guys know I dabble in vintage pieces. I love looking for them its like a scavenger hunt. I love mixing the vintage pieces with new items. It can be frustrating when your searching and don't know whats what. Don't worry my dears I have a few tips to make your vintage shopping trip unforgettable.


  • Know your budget. You can get lost in the vintage aisles. I've done it several times. Take only what you intend to spend.

  • Know the difference between vintage & old. Plain & simple.

  • Know your measurements. New school and old school measurements don't always match up. Back in the day women were more curvy. Something you might wanna research. You can always buy big and alter, especially if the price is right.

  • Don't be afraid to talk down a seller, or at least try.

  • Don't vintage shop with people who don't like vintage. They'll transform into Buzz Killington. I promise. To them its all old stuff.

  • Remember to know the value of things. Knockoffs aren't a "new" thing.

  • Theres a difference between thrift, vintage & consignment. Remember that.

  • Keep the rest of your closet in mind. You want to get something that stands out but not alone. Don't get something you'll have to resell.


What's your favorite vintage piece to find? What's your vintage shopping technique?


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