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How To Have A Productive Week On Purpose Posted on

Believe it or not you control almost everything that happens to you. I think therefor I am. You could literally set the tone for your entire day with you first thoughts in the morning so why not make them good ones. Lets make this coming week, and every week after something to look forward too. How might you ask? Easy for these tips to kick start your week off right.

•Give yourself a head start. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier that you usually do. Prepare for the day. Drink some water. Watch the news.

•Set & Smash small goals.

•Wait until your breaks to respond to text if they aren’t emergencies.

•Get Organized a little, clean out your “junk drawer”

•Make a “To Do List” before bed each night. Wake up and SLAY

•Say No. Don’t add someone or something else to your load. Just do you.

•Take DO NOT DISTURB time for yourself. Watch a movie, take a hot bath or nap. Whatever you do make sure there are no interruptions

How do your prep for an amazing week?


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