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Forever 21 99 Cent Shopping Haul

If you watched my “How To Fix Broken Makeup” video on your tube, you know I’ll buy makeup any place. If its cute and especially on sale I’ll cop it. If you haven’t watched the video click here to check it out. Recently well like some weeks ago I visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I stopped at the Forever 21 outlet of course. I shopped around for a little bit headed to the register and slipped into heaven. Clearance makeup! I’ve not worked up the courage to actually record a “haul” video but I’m building up to it. For now check out this Forever 21 haul

Bath Brush, Eye Mask & these terry cloth headbands were all $.99! This metal this is a makeup brush clearing that I’ve no clue how to use was $1.99! The makeup sponge with the handle was $1.99 the other $.99.  Lipstick details below

Every thing in these pics minus the lashes only cost me $.99. The Everyday palette was missing 3 shadows so the cashier took it down to $.99, it started off $2.99. The lashes were $2.99. I end up buying 2 gel liners both brown. Product details below.

I bought about 6 of the body brush things. The eyes in the selfies were done with the everyday palette. It’s really pigmented for a $.99 cent palette. On my lid I used the gel eyeshadow in peach. It’s really spongy and feels wet. Not my favorite but it works. I also used the brown gel liner and the Antique Gold liquid lipstick. Wasnt to bad but I’m at matte girl. I got 2 lipstickz in matte, Jade & Dusty Lavender. That little macaroon is a lip balm I got 2 of those.  The lashes also not my fave they were extremely flimsy. I also got two shirts under $5 but it’s too cold to wear them. Perfect excuse for a tropical vacation! Did I get my money’s worth? Do you guy think I caught some good steals?


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