Fashion resolution 2020

Traditionally people make lifestyle changes as new years resolutions. Being a fashion enthusiast I wanted to make a fashion resolution this year. My fashion resolution for 2020 is to wear earrings every day. It seems simple enough, right? No! Remembering that tiny stud is tricky. I wear wigs a lot but I have a very low haircut, so earrings can completely transform my look. They also keep me looking like a girl. I hardly make resolutions because they're easily broken. I wanted this year to be something small because the small victories count. Small obtainable goals can make one feel accomplished. I have a ton of statement earrings that need to be put to use. In preparation for this goal, I went out and got a few new pairs of earrings.


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I get dressed with thought most times, other times I just throw something on. Do you guys remember Sid Vicious? You know from the punk rock band The Sex Pistols? Yeah well that's him and his bae Nancy

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