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Fair Food! How To Make Fried Oreos At Home

My youngest nieces are 3 and 5, and for at least 4 years every morning they want pancakes. I have so much pancake mix at my house I started reading the back of the box recipes. I have no interest in making biscuits. I do however love Oreos. I love fair food so a fried Oreo recipe is right up my alley. Check out the recipe and peep the pics and get fair food at home!

Ingredients: Frozen Oreos (or Oreo dupes), Pancake Mix & Cooking Oil

My pancake mix is pretty basic. As basic as it could get. Just add water. So I did that. Once I mixed up some pancake batter. I dipped my frozen oreos in the pancake batter. Once I covered the Oreos I dropped them in the hot grease!

Once the pancake batter turned golden brown I took them out. Yes indeed these babies were done. You guys there were so good! They taste just like the Oreos from the State Fair! I think I could’ve quite possibly ate the entire box of Oreos. I didn’t to save my self the shame!

Have you guys ever made your own fried Oreos? Whats your favorite “fair food”? These were so good! I recommend using double stuffed “Oreos” for this recipe.


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