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Easter Cheeseburgers

Happy Easter!!! If you’ve been a Lipstickz Luvr for any amount of time, you know about my love for food. She keep me safe and never betrays me. Food is like my best friend. Long as I can remember my nieces have an Easter egg hunt every year. This year their super cool foodie aunt brought … the burgers. Well the eggs, but burgers too. Check out this years Easter egg hamburger. They’re making me hungry.

For this cool DIY I used

  • Brown Eggs (hard boiled)

  • Red & Brown Non Toxic Markers

  • White Out

  • Yellow Construction Paper

  • Green Streamers

  • School Glue

So after you’ve boiled and let your eggs cool, we’re gonna make the hamburger. With your brown marker, make a thick line around the egg and fill it in. You know like a hamburger. Do the same with the red marker to serve a the tomato. Using white out and a Q-Tip I put little dots on the top of my egg. This makes the sesame seed bun. Cut 3 or 4 triangles of the yellow construction paper. This is the cheese. Using the school glue add your cheese triangles. Cut strips of the green streamer to serve as the “lettuce”. Cut the strips longer than the eggs so you can bunch the streamer around the eggs. Gives it a Iceburg look. Let your eggs dry. Voila!! Easter Egg Cheeseburgers.


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