Detroit Rock City

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

When I think of Detroit the first thing that comes to mind is Motown. That's a lot of first thoughts. Another is how fast and far "The D" fell. One of the most industrious cities in the world turn suppressed eyesore. Not quite. With the legalization of Mary Jane, things are turning around up there. A few weeks ago I got to take a little day trip to the D just to take it in, I'd never been and wanted to formulate my own opinion about Detroit

I visited the beautiful elegant Guardian Building over by the water at 500 Griswold Avenue. Detroit's Cathedral of Finance. It was initially created for & named The Union Trust Co., it opened April 2, 1929. At the time it was the world's tallest masonry building and boasted Aztec-inspired designs & even black marble imported from Belgium. They don't even make it anymore. Detroit & the bank were both hit hard by the Depression & went to the control of the New Union Building Corp. Then filed for bankruptcy in 1949. in 1989 The Guardian Building was designated a National Historic Landmark. All the history aside this was one of the most beautiful buildings I ever stepped foot in. Detroit has never really made a turnaround. Progress of course but hardly ever again a power house.

I did some touristy sightseeing and ate some good food! I thought about how deserted Detroit was compared to the days where 313 was where you wanted to be. Where you could prosper if you were black. Entire families retired from the auto industry and their children and grandchildren inherited those jobs and work ethic. However, today their neighbors less than 65 miles away haven't had clean water in years. What could possibly be next for the city? Who knows. I do know about a rapper saying roses can grow from concrete. The pleasant sights and historic Detroit I was got me thinking Tha D maybe be blooming under there.


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