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How to enjoy a stress-free holiday season

If this were a perfect world, the holiday season would be the time of year for love, laughter joy all the stuff like the commercials. However, this is the real world, not the commercial. The holidays can test you. Test us. TEst our mental stability and strength as well as will power. If you've recently gone through a break-up, moved, lost a family member or any life-changing event this time of year can be tough. I've been there. I can easily be back there. In 2018 I lost three family members & I thought my sanity. I can remember on some days not getting out of bed. Losing my grandmother felt like my flesh was being ripped from my bones. It was scary.

This post isn't to dwell on the bad part but to help prevent that dark cloud from covering my head this year and yours too. Our days here are number so we must have good ones on purpose. Its a time for family friends and well just a good time. Keep reading for some a few ways on how to de-stress this holiday season.


I know I know, shots are harmless, until you've had about 10. Youre judgment gets all off. The entire emotional strain of the holidays can quickly come to the surface. All the emotional baggage tends to explode at the wrong time. Thanksgiving with the family is the wrong time


Rest and let your body catch up is important and not just around the. holidays. It's essential. It's needed. Don't deprive yourself of sleep. Ever.


You do not have to attend all the festivities. Skip a party or two if that means keeping the peace. Be where you wanna be. Wherever is better for your mental health.


Three slices of pumpkin pie never killed anyone but it never made anyone feel special either. If you overeat you will feel guilty later. Holidays are the best time to earn 20 pounds that you don't want.


If they fight every year on your dad's side of the family, avoid that family gathering. The choices you make can have you at 0 or 10. Don't step into a toxic environment willingly. Chill out with the people who take selfies, make you laugh and make the best memories.

Memories last the longest, so be sure to spend the holiday creating new ones. Stress can eventually kill you. Life is worth living right now, and it's more fun stress-free.


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