Date Night, The love shack

First I'll admit the title is deceiving, it wasn't a date night, it was actual Valentine's Day. It is however a bomb-ass date night idea. I was a lot simpler than I thought Once I figured it out. I wanted to do something super sweet and thoughtful. We're both sorta nerdy and content with staying inside watching countless episodes of "The Office". A little "love shack" or "love tipi" was right up our alley.


I tied together 3 flat sheets at one of the corners with a ponytail holder. I used a laundry rope and tied one end to the sturdy part of my living room ceiling fan. I then tied a knot connecting the flat sheets to the laundry rope that was connected to the ceiling fan. I spread the sheets out in a tent formation and held them in place using the 100's of throw pillows I have around my house. I knew we'd be watching tv in the tent so I even weighted sheets in place using the tv. At the "entrance" of the tent, I used handpainted pink clothespins to secure a string of lights from the top to the bottom. On the inside, I layered some blankets so we'd have a soft space to sit and lay on. The pillows, light, and blankets made it so cozy and cute on the inside.


I got a little tray of my hunnies favorite candies and snacks, two "love" flutes, and an ice bucket with a bottle of sweet red wine inside. My guy loves to eat so I made a pretty fancy meal for us. The night before I seasoned and marinated a nice rack of lamb. As I'm typing I can actually taste the meal again. LOL, We dined on lobster bisque, parmesan asparagus, mashed red potatoes, and you guessed it lamb chops. I even got out my fine China for this meal.


I definitely got some brownie points for my "Love Hut". I've really learned the importance of the little things and the true meaning of the "thought that counts. I wanted to show off what I learned. Head over to my Instagram to check out more pics and videos from my date night!! What do you have planned to make your next date night special? Would you try making your own Love Tipi for your partner?


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