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Chef Gunz; Salmon Dinner

When changing for the better I thought it best to do the work all over, inside and out. When I have a relaxing, lazy Sunday I like to fix myself an amazing meal. I've completely eliminated beef and pork from my diet and I try hard to stick to seafood and turkey. I'll admit I slip sometimes and eat a nice juicy chicken wing (only one) I'll be even more honest I also sneak Lamb!! It's hard sometimes!! Last Sunday I made myself a great salmon meal.


I woke up pretty early to season my dinner, I wanted my salmon to soak up all the goodness. After I got the fish ready I drizzled honey over the filets, then added my favorite seasonings. I'm by no means a chef so I pretty much picked random stuff from the pantry. Sometime later when I got hungry, I seasoned my veggies, green beans and washed a few baby red potatoes to get them ready for boiling. I sprayed a bit of coconut oil on the salmon and great beans to go into the air fryer. I put the green beans on at a temperature of 370 for about 7 minutes. At the same time, I started boiling my baby reds. The sockeye was up next! I sprayed on the coconut oil and put it in at 400 degrees for about 11 minutes. I like my seafood nice and well done if that makes sense. My kitchen smelled so good. Once my potatoes were nice soft I mashed them up added butter salt and a splash of milk (almond milk only) They were so pretty and fluffy!


My dinner was amazing. My house smelled like a 5-star restaurant. Just the aroma made me even hungrier. I choose Sockeye Salmon for this meal mainly for the benefits. Sockeye is the highest in red astaxanthin pigment, it has the strongest flavor, the least fatty of salmon, and rich in Omega 3s. What's that mean? Well, red astaxanthin is what makes the salmon pink or reddish and is found in a few kinds of seafood, it's also helpful in managing high cholesterol as well as assisting with heart damage repair. You can actually buy astaxanthin online. That said Sockeye is obviously the most expensive of salmon. Atlantic which is the least expensive is actually pretty "not good" for you. It's very fatty can have toxins & antibiotics, and have a milder flavor. If you're a calorie counter, this meal only added to less than 600 calories in total.


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