Booty season

Spring has sprung, slowly but surely, she's here. We've still been having a few chilly days here and there, as spring actually just started. In these weird weather times, it's still important to dress accordingly and cute. It's no longer boot weather. Well unless you're wearing a super cute mini dress with a pair of thigh highs or something similar. It's time to bring out the booties! The main difference between an actual boot and booties is well booties are a shorter ankle height (or a tiny bit higher) a baby boot, a bootie!! Booties are one of the most popular staples for a spring wardrobe. I wanted to show you all a few of my cutest favorite and versatile booties!! You can wear these with almost anything.

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I get dressed with thought most times, other times I just throw something on. Do you guys remember Sid Vicious? You know from the punk rock band The Sex Pistols? Yeah well that's him and his bae Nancy

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