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Body Positive Movement

The Body Positive Movement is a movement that encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being

I met Shinar Martin at the Power of Fashion Brunch. She was gorgeous. I recognized her from a So Anxious model call.  We chatted a bit and exchanged contact information. I found out she’d be hosting he very first event. A Body Positivity seminar. I’d never heard of one before, at least not in Indianapolis. She was so proud. I could see it in her smile. I reached out to get the scoop on the Body Positivity Seminar.

LipstickzNGunz– We only spoke for a few minutes at the brunch. I don’t think we’d even taken a picture. Whats on your resume honey! What do yo do?

Shinar Martin- I work in the fashion industry which isn’t huge in Indy. I’m a plus size model. I also teach model ediquitte, runway coaching.I teach the aspiring models the “How To” when it comes to modeling. I host a podcast called ” Battle if the Sexes”.

LipstickzNGunz– I’ve heard of the Body Positivy movement, but this is the first in Indy. Whats it all about?

Shinar –The seminar is for any and everyone. If you’ve ever struggled with the issue. If you wanna be supportive, catch some gems. If you ever looked at your self in anything less than postive. We want to uplift & empower the ladies. Indianapolis needed this. People suffer in silence and that can hurt. I was scared to get this going at first. I’m thankful for people like you who you know encourage me📷 I’ve entrepuner  Anj Blanchard-Carter of So Anxious Clothing and plus size model Sara Bennet speaking on the panel as well.

Lipstickzngunz – I got you girl! When is the Body Positivy Seminar?

Shinar– Its here in Indianapolis, Saturday November 11th, from 3-6pm. Its being held at 1157 North Arlington Street. Tickets are $20 for an individual and $50 for a group up to 7.

Lipstickzngunz- This event is a first for Indy, why now.

Shinar– Its overdue. Modeling for 3 years had molded me into the Shinar I am right now. Being in this industry around models as often as I am I see it everyday. Not just with plus size. Even the tiny models struggle being body positive, constantly trying to maintain the size 2. I was very athletic in high school. Basketball was life. Fast forward to 2017 Im a 300 pound plus size model. I love all these curves. I don’t knock anyone for having surgery, dieting or whatever their doing. But what about loving on who you are right now. You have to be comfortable and love who you are through that evolution so you can glow when you finally evolve into who you’re supposed to be.

Well said. Call me crazy but I think having a positive self image starts with you. We can be our own worst critic at times. Its starts with your mindset. Think therefore I am. So why not own it. Own the fact the you’re the one with control of your glow up.


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