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Become a selfie queen In 8 easy steps

If you have a phone, you have selfies! My 6

year old niece take selfies. Good ones too. Its amost 2021 and your selfie game must be strong! If you've fallen short in that are no fear Im sorta like a selfie queen and I've gotta few tips for ya on how to take ya selfie game from 0 to 1000, real quick!

Natural lighting is the best! Facing a window if your inside and sorta indirect sunlight if your outside! If the sun is directly behind you it will create a silhouette.


Try not to use a flash. Before the club getting dressed makeup selfies are best with a ring light. If you don't have a ring light click Beauty Light DIY, How I Saved a Bundle By Making One to get the details on how to make you're own.


Angles are just as important as lighting! To find the perfect angle take a bunch of selfies and practice. Take selfies turning your head left to right slowly to find your best side. Avoid looking down and taking an upward selfie. Not a good look for your chin


If you're taking cute bedroom selfies laying son make sure your prop your head up under a pillow.


Hold your camera close to your face & use the front facing camera. Its good to know what the selfie is gonna look like.


If your taking a full body selfie pose a little. Cross at the ankle or put your hand on your hip. Standing straight from head to toe you'll kinda look like a weirdo!


Use a filter! Snapchat makes selfie taking so fun




Yes TAKE A BUNCH is a tip! The more you take the more good ones you'll find! Selfies seem so superficial & shallow

but its a quick way to boost your self esteem and remind yourself how bomb your are!! Have fun and smile!


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