Arlington Cemetary

I work educators hours. I never know how much an adult could enjoy having the summer off. This summer I traveled. My third stop on my summer tour, was D.C. Yesterday we all celebrated Independence Day. I wanted to shared with you all my pictures ( and outfit) from my visit at Arlington Cemetary. It was most definitely a hike. I don’t think I will walk that far ever again to see a gravesite. While there I stumbled upon The Changing of the Guard Ceremony. I only last 30 minutes but standing there actually it felt like hours. I was so memorized. I felt patriotic, humbled, and inspired watching the guard coming on duty. I knew how hard he worked to get to this place in his career. His skin matched mine and I cried for that reason. The fitbit told me I took 15k steps walking through the cemetery, it was worth it walking amongst the graves of some of the greatest Americans in history.

Gravesite of President John F Kennedy & Jackie Onassis along with an eternal flame


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