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April Showers Bring My Nieces

My nieces think I’m super cool. They watch every thing I do. They want to be apart of every project. When I’m out of my mind I let them help. I let the children help me do a cute DIY spring project.

What You Need

  • Party Hat

  • Poly Fill

  • Hot Glue

  • Spray Adhesive

  • Blue Yarn

  • Blue Felt

Spray your party hat with you adhesive & start to add your poly fill little by little. Cover the entire hat. This will be your rain cloud. To give my cloud more of a storm look, I spray painted the clouds a little gray with spray paint.

Cut strips of yarn. I cut about 10. With the felt make yourself some rain drop. Double sided. Add these to your strips of yarn. These are the raindrops. Finally hot glue your raindrops to the underside of your party hat.


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