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April Favorites

It’s April! Its my birthday month. My favorite month. In celebration I wanted to share with you all a few on my favorite product. I started using them in March sometime, long enough to give a pretty good review of each. I mean I think so.

I’d seen of many reviews about this face mask. Mint Julep Masque has been around for years and everyone loves it. I use it once a week and it leave my face kinda refreshed feeling tight and new. I shared some picture of before during and after using the mask. It instantly toned my oiled up face down and brightened it up. I picked it up from the Dollar General for about $4.

So you know when you waiting in the long as heck Sephora line, and they have all the stuff you think you need? Yea so I picked up this in that line. I really love this product especially when I’m wearing heavy eye makeup.  Its $8 bucks but a little bit of this product goes a long way. Next time you’re in line I recommend you pick this baby up. Its water proof if that matters and doesn’t irritate your eyes at all.

I think I’ve told you guys how much I love this Stunna Liquid Lipstick by Fenty, I haven’t? Well I love it! Its $24 dollars at Sephora. Its kinda runny but don’t let that fool you. Its bomb y’all!! It wears all night and dries matte pretty fast. It’s so red. I’m an “its all about presentation” chic and the packaging and bottle is too cute!


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