I made so much content on this day. I was feeling myself to the highest level. I even played in makeup a little. I took advantage of the lighting all day!! I used all black-owned makeup products minus my lipgloss. I didn't set out to it just happened that way. I’m learning & getting so much better at doing my own makeup.


I used Beautie Bakerie Aqua Glass Foundation in shade 315 W & Fenty concealer in shade 340 Beautie Bakerie was created by fellow Hoosier gal Cashmere Nicole & of course Fenty by our good sis Ri Ri!! I used Juvias Warrior 3 pallette shades Kahina & Gola on my eyes as well as Juvias Sahara Gel Liner. I also used a brow pencil by Fenty. I finished with a lip gloss of the Sephora brand.


I love when I'm feeling myself and I'm supporting ladies that look like me. What are some of your favorite Black-Owned Beauty brands?


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