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80s Baby; Closet Halloween Costume

I usually get really into Halloween. Not this year. I just hadn’t been in the spirit. I didn’t even get candy to give out. I just wasn’t excited. In true procrastinator form I got all excited 2 days before the big day. My 2nd most favorite day of the year. What the heck would I go as? I headed straight to my closet. I legit pulled each piece of my “Round the Way Girl” costume from my closet. I’m really not 100 on what I would call this costume. 80s chic? Aerobics Instructor? Fly Girl, you know like from In Living Color?

Fanny Pack- Goodwill, Bodysuit-Forever 21

Headband-Hobby Lobby, earrings- local beauty supply

Legging-Kohl’s, Socks- Dollar Tree

Shoe- Aldo


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