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8 Tips To Stress Free Holiday Shopping

My Black Friday shopping wasn’t too extravagant. I went looking for pillows. Years ago I worked at a Target superstore during the holidays. More recent I tried working at Kohl’s, I quit about 30 minutes into the Black Friday madness. I love shopping. In order for me to get the most out of a shopping trip it needs to be chill, relaxed and above all stress free. My favorite person to shop with is me. I can’t even shop with my mom, it turns into a hostage situation. This holiday season don’t lose your cool shopping. Its 2017 & you could literally lose your life over your holiday gift giving. Heres a few things tips that I use year round to make any shopping trip bearable.

  1. Have a Plan -Know which stores your going to and what you’re looking for. You create a frenzy in your head going blindly into the holiday shopping storm.

  2. Dress Comfy– Why are you wearing heels in Wal-Mart during the holiday season? Just why? Sneakers are ideal for shopping cause well, they aren’t high heels.

  3. Don’t Procrastinate– Waiting until the last minute is the devil. Theres you and a bunch of other procrastinators picking through the left overs.

  4. Shop on Weekdays -In my years of shopping experience I’ve learned to shop on Monday and Tuesdays evenings. Its just not as many people out.

  5. Budget – If you know you only can afford to spend $100 don’t take $150.

  6. Expand Your Territory– During this time of year, if you’re looking for specific items try driving some extra miles to the next town. I always find popular items in department stores in smaller towns.

  7. Use Ads– Apps websites and advertisements can save you a bunch of time. My favorite app for shopping is Flipp. Compare prices and even see if a store has what you want before getting out of bed.

  8. Shop Online– On cyber Monday or even after you can find the best deals online with zero hassle and in your bra.

Above all else during thing time of year, you just gotta chill. Be patient with everyone out in the circus and everyone working. None of the gifts are worth a fight. This season brings out the worst in some shopping and honey that’s not cute! Happy Holiday


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