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8 Fashion “Rules” That Are Keeping You From Your Ultimate Flyness

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Theres always these unwritten fashion “rules” that everyone feels like they need to follow. Not really. Some of these so called rules no one even knows where they originated from. Since our great granny and her mom followed them we just automatically fall in line. HOWEVER some of these rules can keep you from reaching your potential flyness. Why would you wanna do that? Check this out after reading this article we are going to forget all these so called “rules” and wear whatever we want! Right? Right!

  • Everyone is so afraid of mixing prints when it’s actually fashion forward! Click here for a post I did on how to nail mixing prints.

  • Um sexy doesn’t mean showing skin. Honestly. Theres this misconception that the more skin you show the sexier you look. What if I told you that you’d look tacky? Leaving something to the imagination is actually sexier than you think!

  • Wearing white after Labor Day. That rule was made back when side pieces wore the  red letter A. I don’t even know why it existed. Coco Chanel wore white year round. Wear white whenever you want and tell em I said it!

  • If you bougie you think faux diamonds are a hot mess. Clearly I am not bougie! I have faux diamonds everywhere

  • clutches aren’t only for the “club” I love a bright sequins glitterly or hot pink clutch on a Sunday lunch date with my mom. It seems to make my day go smoother!!

  • Get it out your head that denim on denim is a no go!! It’s a definite go!

  • Classic or vintage doesn’t have to cost a ton. You can get amazing vintage at a yard sale or even the local Goodwill. I’ve gotten classic pieces of great quality at estate sales.

  • If you hate shopping you just recycle the same old ancient stuff that’s in your closet. Online shopping is and easy fix for your stay in bed shoppers.


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