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7 Free Ways to Slay Your Life In 2018

Happy New Year!! If you made a New Years resolution, chances are you’ve probably broken it already. New Years resolutions suck. I usually don’t even make it this far. My year started kinda bumpy. Car trouble, an insane visit from the cystic acne fairy, and an avalanche of snow. So since I’m starting over, I’ll share some ways we can make the rest of 2018 the poo!

CHILL– Chill out. Once the clock struck 12 we didn’t  actually teleport into a new demension. Its just Monday. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We got 12 months to go.

STOP PROCRASTINATION– Do what you’re supposed to be doing. Stay on task. Stop putting things off because they never get don’t.  Do it now! Being organized really helps, check out this past post on How I Stay Organized: October 2017 To-Do List

SAVE MONEY– I wasted way too much money last year and I refuse to do it again. I found a few “money saving” challenges all over the internet. Im gonna try a few. Im gonna start with the #52weekchallenge I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

BE KINDER TO YOURSELF– Stuff happens. Keep it pushing don’t let anything get you down. We tend to be our own worst critic and we can be brutal. Ease up. You’re human.

EXPAND YOUR TERRITORY– Meet new people, travel, let new experiences happen to you. Open your mind.

VISUALIZE WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH– I totally believe in speaking things into existence. From writing out goals, vision boards, making list. All these things make your vision real. When you put it out in the universe, trust me it happens that way.

GET RID OF DEAD WEIGHT– This is by far the most important. Sometimes the hardest. This “weight” could be family, work related or personal. You cannot grow if you’re in the shadows. Get rid of what’s holding you back and flourish. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut off a finger to save a hand.

How do you plan to make this year the best yet?


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