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6 Things To Stop Apologizing For Right Now

Beyonce said it best “I aint sorry.” In this life people want you to conform. They want you to do. You absolutely cannot do that. You will never fully enjoy life until you completely live it on your terms. Stop apologizing! Heres a list to get you started.

  1. Ending a Toxic Relationship– Toxic is toxic. It doesn’t matter if its your sister. You never have to apologized for ending a business, friendship, or personal relationship. When people are done in your life their done. End it.

  2. Saying No– Its still an answer. More or less not the one sought out but still an answer.

  3. Your Priorities-If you know you can’t go see Chris Brown dance across the stage Saturday, and still have electricity Monday. Its perfectly fine to sit this one out. If anyone in your life is upset about this … see number 1.

  4. Following Your Dreams– Living your best life is whats popular to say, but doing it. Imagine the ultimate freedom of doing what you’ve dreamed about since high school. But its your job.

  5. Standing Your Ground– Don’t be moved. No matter what chatter, you get don’t be moved.

  6. Your Imperfections– Be a perfect imperfection. Love and embrace every so called flaw.

I’ve done the research. Trust me on this. There are enough sorry people on this Earth. No need to be one. Stop apologizing. Get your life back.


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