5 Dates To Go On Solo

Sometimes you need to be alone. Sometimes you're single and you've no choice. Either way, this month with all the love in the air you could choke. If you don't know how to handle yourself you may lose it. Love of yourself. Get out on the town and check out a few dates to go on by your self. I mean you gotta be able to enjoy your own company before you can enjoy other, right? At least you'll get your date in bed.

Catch A Movie - Movies with a possible boo are horrible. You can't even talk. Avoid the awkwardness and go solo.

Spa Date- Spas were designed to help relax you. At the spa you don't need any distractions. Pamper yourself all alone.

Museums- Wear reading glasses, a trench coat, & leather gloves, you'll look more intellectual. Soak up the knowledge and stroll through all the history. Look like a smarty pants when your drop the gems on your homegirls.

Tourist Attraction-Theres always something fun to do in your own city. Hop on Google and find popular fun sightseeing in your town. Its not as boring as you think.

Day Drinking- Catch a happy hour at your favorite spot. Make sure your phone is charged, check some emails, scroll some timelines and chill out.

The best thing about being single is enjoying YOU. How can you live this life without being comfy with just you? While growing into the person you're intented to be, you've got to get to know that person. Deeply. To be happy with anyone else, you've got to have this outstanding self love. Or whats the point?


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