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5 Way To Recover From a Toxic Relationship

When you think of toxic relationships, we automatically think of the romantic type of relationship. Toxic is toxic. Work friendship or romatic. Either way if you’re in one, you gotta get out. Oh ok you have? Now what? For me that was the hardest part. The day after my toxic realtionship ended I was lost in a sense. I didn’t know how to fill the empty space. When in fact I had plenty to do. Getting over it was worse than what I thought was heartbreak. This was the heartbreak. After a few months went by and obviously  Im still alive. It felt like a weight lifted. If you’re in this situation read over a few way I helped myself out of that ugly time. Cause honey its ugly. Its lonely and its dark. BUT its also a small thing to a giant. That after the hurt glow up is priceless, and necessary.

Allow Yourself To Hurt– Cry. A lot. Its been times I cried all day if given the chance. You gotta get it out. Take as long as you need and don’t force anything. There is no healer like time.

Outta Sight Outta Mind– Delete everything! Pictures. Text thread. Unfollow. Block. Do what you gotta do. If they can get to you in any way, shape or form, they will continue to be toxic for you. PERIOD. The relationship has ended and your glow up is none of their concern.

Know, Like Really Know Your Worth– Yea you see that posted all day on every social media page ever! However, do you understand that the light you bring into any situation, no one else can? Do you legit understand how valuable that is? KNOW YOUR WORTH!

Surround Yourself With Real Love– You know whose really down for you. Catch up with those loved ones who love on you when you need it.

Pursue Self Love/Growth- Love on you! Give yourself all the love and energy that was wasted on a toxic situation. Take a trip! Read a new book! Expand your mind. You’ll appreciate this glow up!

What did you do to get yourself over that toxic situation?


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