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5 Tips For Shopping Like A Tourist

Vacations are the best part of the summer! I love shopping in new places. I like to find pieces I know I won’t find at home. When shopping as a tourist you gotta shop smart. Check out these few tips to make shopping out of town memorable.

Plan & Budget – Google a bunch! Try to plan and figure out where you want to spend your bucks. Put together your list of places you wanna go, know how much you wanna spend and where exactly you wanna spend it.

Extra Luggage– If you’ve planned on shopping a lot it won’t hurt to take or buy an extra suitcase. Check with your airline to get all the info on carry on and luggage weight restrictions.

Outlet Shopping – Most touristy areas have outlet mall. Do not I repeat do no snub outlet malls. I always score name brands at amazing deals. I remember getting a designer brand at 60% plus an additional 20% off.  Sizes sometimes run different however so try on everything.

Tax– Check state and local taxes. Taxes could totally have your shopping experience.

Shop Local– Shopping local is in general just a good thing. I always look for vintage boutiques. I have found everything from Prince memorabilia, fish purses to bomb sunglasses.

So now that you’ve got some shopping tips, where’s the next trip?


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